Smt. Chakravarthula Suramma – Vasu’s grand mother (father’s mother) aged about 96 (as on May 2015), she was quite active and even cooking herself till her age of 88. She has a beautiful voice and used to tell awesome stories related to ancient kings, mahabharatha, ramayana etc., She has widely travelled all over devotional places in India.
Shri. Chakravarthula Ramakrishna – Vasu’s father. He knew a lot of things, tailoring, preparation of Ayurvedic medicines, driving, singing devotional songs. He was an Ayurvedic Practitioner worked along with his cousins. Spread Ayurveda across south India.
Smt. Chakravarthula Anasuya – deeply interested in devotional activities and enjoys being with and host relatives all the time.

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