How we met?

Hi there,
We must thank our loving Shwetha and the Shaadi Point; an off line venture of for helping us to know each other. Here is some notes on how we met from both of us:

Hema: While my mothers and other relatives doesn’t know how to find a partner for me, my cousin Shwetha took initiative and registered my profile on and started getting several profiles but none of them were matching our interests and finally, one day, we have decided to delete the profile from the site and it so happened, we got a call from Shaadi Centre that they have a matching profile and wanted us to have a look! That’s how we have found Vasu! Thanks a lot Shwetha!!

Vasu: While my parents were in search of a life partner, I have heard a good news that one of my close friends Mamta Tandel was getting married and found her partner through Shaadi Centre; that clicked me to contact them; Since I do not have much time to sit online and filter all the profiles, I opted for a personalized memmbership; Initially, for two months there was no communication and even if I send them an email or tried to reach out them, there wasn’t any response; finally I got a response that they had some operational issues and they will concentrate on my profile; but then they started sending me all junk profiles, then I one time, decided to terminate the business with them but escalated to their corporate office. After a few days, they have contacted me saying that someone in Bangalore itself are interested in my profile, however, although we had initial call, they were not willing to accept my problem of low vision. Then the search continued again… A few days later, they came up with contact of Hema and it so happened that we managed to share the life.

So guys, this is how we met and we are sure that we live together for a long time with a lot of happiness, peace and success. Wish us the best!



4 responses to “How we met?”

  1. Jitendra Vyas Avatar

    it was interesting to read how you met. I wish very best for both of you

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      Thanks Jitendra for wishes. Yes, it was an interesting moment for us too.


  2. srinivas Avatar

    That’s why our elder’s say “Marriages are made in Heaven” hearty wishes to you both..

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      Thank you Srinivas!

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