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  • Raichur to Tanuku and back!! – our first Deepavali!

    Ok guys, we are here again with updating you some news and how we spent our first Deepavali! During mid October, we had a visit (unfortunately, not a very pleasant except the main event we went for) to Raichur. Oh! The climate was absolutely worse! (but yes, better than Chennai weather during May!!). Anyway, we […]

  • Our upcoming travel plans!

    Lesson that I have learnt recently is that either we need to plan our travel plans at least 2 to 3 months in advance or else, forget about them. It’s absolutely waste to keep any hopes on getting tickets in Tatkal except we are as lucky as my sis-in-law Deepthi!! I know, who the credit […]

  • Our vision

    It’s been long time, we have been trying to work with different organizations and individuals to see if we can partner with them to run an accessibility business; yes, business, we don’t believe accessibility as a charity activity and in fact, clients do get benefit from business prospective. Two such attempts have been failed and […]

  • One month….

    This is exactly one month that we got married! Sorry, couldn’t write any posts or pages for a month since we were quite busy with hectic traveling and visiting relatives and friends! On the outset, we sincerely thank everyone who took some of their valuable time and joined us both for our Wedding at Tanuku […]

  • We have got engaged!

    Hmm. what a long wait, we got to know each other around July, 2010 and due to several reasons, we were able to chose only June, 24th 2011 as the date of our wedding! We have got engaged on the 8th May, 2011 at Tanuku in the midst of parents and several relatives from both […]

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