Raichur to Tanuku and back!! – our first Deepavali!

Ok guys, we are here again with updating you some news and how we spent our first Deepavali!

During mid October, we had a visit (unfortunately, not a very pleasant except the main event we went for) to Raichur. Oh! The climate was absolutely worse! (but yes, better than Chennai weather during May!!). Anyway, we have no intention to visit this place ever again unless if some of you have any occasion!

Well, we had been there to celebrate White Cane Safety Day at Shri. Manik Prabhu Academy for the Blind, Raichur. The event was superb! The energy shown by the students (tiny kids) was awesome. They walked for about 10 KMs on sunny morning (Hema and I were tired indeed!) There were some good suggestions given to the RTO and District Disability officer that includes, all the traffic staff should be sensitized towards people with disabilities and license holders should be informed the tips to help people with disabilities. While District Disability officer mentioned that he would endeavor to bring in necessary funds from the central and state governments to support people with disabilities with all necessary assistive gadgets.

Ok, that was about Raichur. Towards the end of October, we all seen the festival of lights – Yes, belated happy Diwali to all of you! We had combined celebrations. Prior to Diwali, we had been to Muramalla, a village in East godavari District (thanks to Gopalam tata garu) and took part of in Shri. Badrakali Samethe Veereswari Swami‘s Kalyanam. It was a nice temple. Kalyanam started around 6:30 pm and went on till about 9:00 pm that includes pavalimpu seva etc. And yes, we haven’t missed Paaduta Teeyaga program on ETV!!!

Now, Diwali – we had a great time with lights, Hema’s mom and light crackers! It would have been much fun and enable us to spend time at ground floor of the apartment, if all neighbors think of playing light crackers. Let’s hope that for next year! We can’t forget yumnmy pulihora and Rava kesari we had!!

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Let us know what you all been up to… Until then,



Our upcoming travel plans!

Lesson that I have learnt recently is that either we need to plan our travel plans at least 2 to 3 months in advance or else, forget about them. It’s absolutely waste to keep any hopes on getting tickets in Tatkal except we are as lucky as my sis-in-law Deepthi!! I know, who the credit should go to.

Hence, I have decided, going forward, it’s always better to make our plans well in advance and below are some of our plans for this last quarter in 2012.

We will be at Raichur on 15th and 16th October, 2011 to participate in International White Cane Day at Shri. Manik Prabhu Academy for the Blind. Then we shall see surroundings and take a train back on 16th October, night.

We will be at Tanuku from 25th to 27th October, on the eve of Deepavali. Come on… let’s have a colorful but safe Deepavali.

Then we will be at Trivendrum from 12th to 14th November to participate in a conference plus a short trip to Kanyakumari etc.

And yes, again, we will be at Tanuku from 4th to 6th December, 2011. I know, some of you will meet us at Tanuku, but if any of you happens to be at other places like Trivendrum etc, do feel free to say hello! It would be a nice catch up.

Yet to plan trips are our annual holiday at the end of December 2011 and for Sankranthi in January 2012. Stay tuned!!

By the way, Wishing you all a very happy Dussarah! I used to enjoy a lot during my school time. Will write a blog post about my festive experiences separately!



Our vision

It’s been long time, we have been trying to work with different organizations and individuals to see if we can partner with them to run an accessibility business; yes, business, we don’t believe accessibility as a charity activity and in fact, clients do get benefit from business prospective.

Two such attempts have been failed and we have just started third attempt together with a fourth attempt. Since, these attempts are with someone we know, that they care about, we trust, we would be able to start a successful venture.

All that we are trying to do is to create new opportunities and awareness in the area of accessibility.

As a start, we would soon, announce, accessibility classes at Bangalore and then, they would spread across. We believe, it’s time, that there is more need and opportunities in accessibility industry and we like most people benefit from this. We see, there is huge employment opportunities for all in general and especially, for people with disabilities.

Please wish us all the best and do write to us, if you would like to partner with us or spread the word around.

Thanks in advance,


One month….

This is exactly one month that we got married! Sorry, couldn’t write any posts or pages for a month since we were quite busy with hectic traveling and visiting relatives and friends!

On the outset, we sincerely thank everyone who took some of their valuable time and joined us both for our Wedding at Tanuku and reception at Bangalore! Thanks a lot for your blessings, they really mean a lot to us.

Here is a quick update on how the month it was!

On 24th June, 2011, we got married and started our journey of life! We are really excited! Early hours of 25th June, we left to Guntur (House of Vasu’s Uncle Shri. Marthanda Sharma) and next two days were a lot of fun in the midst of several relatives and knowing families of each of us. On 27th June, we performed Shri. Sathyanaraja Vratham, a very auspicious event after the wedding. Thanks to Vasu’s uncle, Vinay (Vasu’s brother), Ramu (our nephew) and Shyam (another Pundit Ji), who performed this even in a highly vydic way! Also, we thank all our relatives for having joined us.

On the same day evening, we left to Tanuku to give send off to Hema’s Sister and brother-in-law Mrs. Deepthi and Mr. Kalyan Chaitanya, who left to Hyderabad and then to Italy! We are sure, they both are having awesome time over there! On 29th Vasu’s mother and grand mother visited Tanuku and in the evening, we had a great photo session (some are uploaded and some are yet to, watch out for link). We have received a great send off from Hema’s family (a difficult situation for Hema’s mother but she gave us send off with a lot of love and blessings) and boarded train to Bangalore. Hema did enjoy her first travel in AC 2 tier. Reached Bangalore on 30th June and got busy with preparation for our reception. On 1st July, we have seen a good number of friends and well wishers in the reception (missed many more though) at Nandana Palace, Domlur and returned home at 11 PM and yet had a lot of fun with another cup of tea along with Vasu’s brothers, sister-in-law! What a memorable moments it was.

On 2nd July, we left to Tirupathi for holy darshan of Lord Venkateswara and we felt so blessed and lucky that we managed to have Darshan in just 20 minutes for about 5 to 7 minutes and Hema’s Aunt suggested, we went to Kanipakam and there too we had a great Darshan of Lord Vinayaka! Wow, what a great energy that Vasu’s grand mother has. She was going all around to collect Prasadam etc. Also, we can’t forget the memorable dinner we had with Vamshi’s family at Tirupathi. We are thrilled by the love of Vamshi’s parents.

Further we went to Tanuku to celebrate our 16 days festival then to Maniknagar for Holy Darshan of His Holiness Shri. Manik Prabhu. Later, we spent a day at Hyderabad at Vasu’s brothers house and also had darshan of His Holiness Shri. Rajasekharam. With his advise, we have recently visited Udupi to have Darshan of Lord Krishna. Not to forget, thanks for the hospitality we have received at Rama (Vasu’s aunt) place specially to her daughter Miss. Bhavya, who took us all over the temples and to other relatives.

Well, how can we forget the experience of Hema’s first air travel and our memorable trip to Lunavalla and Pune. Only sad part, due to an unavoidable reasons, we had to cancel our Shirdi Trip.

Alright, signing off now to celebrate our first month anniversary! Meanwhile, visit our Pictures on Flickr



We have got engaged!

Hmm. what a long wait, we got to know each other around July, 2010 and due to several reasons, we were able to chose only June, 24th 2011 as the date of our wedding!

We have got engaged on the 8th May, 2011 at Tanuku in the midst of parents and several relatives from both our families.

This is already time for us to plan our journey of beautiful life! Wish us the best and support us as needed.

See our Engagement Pictures