Our vision

It’s been long time, we have been trying to work with different organizations and individuals to see if we can partner with them to run an accessibility business; yes, business, we don’t believe accessibility as a charity activity and in fact, clients do get benefit from business prospective.

Two such attempts have been failed and we have just started third attempt together with a fourth attempt. Since, these attempts are with someone we know, that they care about, we trust, we would be able to start a successful venture.

All that we are trying to do is to create new opportunities and awareness in the area of accessibility.

As a start, we would soon, announce, accessibility classes at Bangalore and then, they would spread across. We believe, it’s time, that there is more need and opportunities in accessibility industry and we like most people benefit from this. We see, there is huge employment opportunities for all in general and especially, for people with disabilities.

Please wish us all the best and do write to us, if you would like to partner with us or spread the word around.

Thanks in advance,






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