A quick trip to Tamilnadu!

While some changes are taking place in Vasu’s career; we had a quick trip Tamilnadu as suggested by our Guruji… We must say, the luck was with us all the time. While we looked at the train reservations, there was only one train “Mailadutarai Express” which has no tickets available. However, we got the onward tickets in Tatkal quota. It’s about 7.5 hours journey and time went off without our notice. We got down at Trichy and took an auto to Sriragam; checked in at the Hotel Pilgrim Palace, very close to the main temple (just adjacent to the temple). Morning we have decided to take bath in Kaveri river; we didn’t know it’s such a walkable distance of less than about a kilometer and got into an auto. We must warn you all that you should never trust auto drivers; they eat up all the money for no reason. They charged us INR 40 for less than a kilometer. OK, we have reached The Kaveri, sadly there is not so much of water and river surroundings is very dirty. I am sure, humans are responsible for it. Further, we had a great Darshan at Ranganath Swamy temple. Though there wasn’t so much crowd, some of the priests make you haste:-(

Next, we hired a cab and wnt to Tiruvarur – birth place of Shri. Thyagaraja who is known to be Guru of Carnatic Classical Music. It’s unfortunate that local community does not aware much about their own great person. Further, we left to Madivgudi and saw Shri. Rajagopala Swamy temple; then we left to Tanjavuru; a great temple of Lord Shiva. Indeed lovely temple. We had a fortune to see Arathi for the Big Maha Nandi.

Next day, we have seen Shri Narasimha Swamy temple, Jambhukeshwari and post lunch we climbed about 150 steps to see lord Ganesha. Another amazing temple. Though we had a pleasant time, climate was very hot.

Over all it was a devotional trip! We hope the best things happen for all of us!






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