To all our teachers…

Dear Teachers,
We apologies, this post should have come in yesterday, but for some technical reasons, it failed:-(

You taught us just not the subjects in each class but… values, how to live, love, care and what not! You taught us how to lead a successful life, shown us the best way to build career, you gave us the skills! You are one among those responsible people for what we are today!

We know, we are quite far from you today, but you all remain in our hearts all the time and we are sure, you bless us wherever we live and wherever you live!

It’s always true that we don’t realize value of anyone at the right time, we might have felt bored with home work and some of us even must have felt, whey teachers are so strict and trouble students, but we surely realize the fact, all of acts that you make are for our prosperity and success! We love you for ever! We respect you, as always!

With all love and sincerely,
-Hema Srinivasu






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