So glad to meet such a lovely and caring people in Phoenix, AZ, USA

During my business trip to San Jose, I decided to fly over to Phoenix, AZ and see my brother Chi. Vinayaka Sarma, who happens to go through a lot of issues with health. He has been, over the last 10 months hospitalized for almost 4 or more times. Guess what, among our family, my brother stays alone in the Phoenix but after my recent visit to him, I feel, we have a bigger family in AZ. Saying from heart, never seen such a loving and caring families. Here are some people I would like to call out and offer deep sense of appreciation and love:

I arrived at San Jose on 6th October, 2012, went to work on 8th Oct. To my surprise, I got a ping on our internal communicator from Akhil Koo, saying he works out of Scottsdale office and friend of my brother. Wow, what an amazing guy, he is not just someone who work in IT industry, but an expert in spiritual front too. He gave me a lot of information as to how I can get a local phone number and introduced me to a colleague who actually help me in SJC office. He also mentioned, he would be meeting my brother almost on regular basis. Thank you my friend! What more, I landed at Phoenix airport around 10o’clock at the night on 12th October and Akhil and his wife Minu (very nice to meet you dear!) were there to pick me and drop me off at the hospital where my brother is admitted. And yes, Minu, thanks for that lovely food… Sorry guys, you had to drive all the way back home late at night.

Next morning, Akhil was kind enough to visit hospital, took me to his place for a shower and an awesome lunch… I love the way Minu and Akhil helps each other. You are a lovely couple! And what? was my brother alone in the hospital while I was away and resting at Akhil’s place? No, Rajender, a member of the Temple’s board was taking care of my brother. Thank you friend! Really appreciated. Sorry, I couldn’t spend much time with you. But sure, we get an opportunity.

My US phone starts buzzing and all of them were from affectionate people like Mr. Ramesh Natarajan, Mrs. Chitra etc., who care a lot about Vinay and discussing his condition and the plan to get him to India. Later in the evening, Mr. Kalyan picked me at Akhil’s place and dropped me off at the hospital; not just that, he brought food for Vinay and took me home for a lovely dinner (Thanks Chitra aunty! – I liked all the food) and yes, good to meet you, Sangeetha!

Sorry Aparna and Anil, we couldn’t have dinner but it was great pleasure to meet you and of course your baby! Later in the night, Minu Akhil came again to see Vinay…

Next day, again took me home for shower and lunch (Minu, again lovely lunch… I loved those chillies) and loved the lovely chat we three of us had… By the time, I got back to hospital with Akhil, Shri. Bhaskar, Karu and Mouli was there discussing with doctors the condition of Vinay. Wow, Bhaskar, you are right, you are close to become a doctor! Thank you and Mrs. Lavanya so much for all the love and care. Bhaskar had a chat at length with doctors and in fact, was helping doctors to get as much information as possible.

In spite having a busy day, Minu Akhil came to the hospital in teh evening and we went out for dinner… guys, you didn’t eat well:) Akhil had a long chat with my uncle planned to do some spiritual activity for speedy recovery of my brother. Thanks again Akhil.

Next morning, I decided to fly back to SJC and Bhaskar gave me a ride in spite the early in the morning. We have discussed so many things and am very happy.

You guys are awesome! Never seen such a caring folks that too in a non-resident country. Love you all. Next time I visit the United States, I probably choose an option to work from Scottsdale office:-) I miss you all! Thank you all once again for all the support, help, love and care! Good luck to everyone. I’m sure, I missed out many helping hands on this post but all you are in my heart! Thanks each one of you.

See you soon, again!






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  1. milind Avatar

    Thanks Vasu for sharing your inspiring account of your visit to US.

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      Thank you Milind. Good to meet you there!

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