Update 3rd December 2013

Today I woke up at 6:30 am. Did all my routine work then ate breakfast with Mosambi juice with badam. Then I read Shri. Sai Sacharitra and Ramayanam. Towards noon I saw “Abhiruchi” a telugu program featuring delicious food items. Then had lunch and took nap for a couple of hours. Then had delicious milk shake made by my mother. Took rest for about half an hour. Thought I would go out with my sweet husband but he came late hence postponed the idea for tomorrow. Had my dinner with 2 chapatis and capsicum curry. Then I got a bit of stomach pain and took rest for about half an hour. My mother applied oil and moov. Then walked for ten minutes and spoke to my uncle. I had a cup of cold coffee and it was super taste!

Got to know about the contest done by BarrierBreak but sadly couldn’t participate during day. Will surely do so next time. Oh! yes, I got to use gift vouchers!!!

It appears my baby is also taking rest for most part of the day!

Have an outstanding time ahead!






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