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Ugadi wishes

Hello everyone,

Ugadi is first day of the new year as per Telugu calendar and it’s also new year for a few more states in India such as Karnataka, Maharastra etc., Upcoming year that starts tomorrow is known as Jaya. A little info on how we celebrate this festival.

At Injaram performs a grand celebrations and spiritual events for Goddess of the Village and it’s belief that village is safe, secure and wishes of everyone will be fulfilled by offering Puja to goddess on this day.

People start the day with a dish that has six tastes including sweet, salt, bitter, spice and so on. At temples, priests will read out the new calendar (we call it Panchanga Sravanam; this will include predictions of the year based on the star.

We wish everyone a very happy Ugadi and may this new year brings a lot of happiness, peace, good health, wealth and love to everyone.

We thank goddess and god for having blessed us with cute little Khushi Varshini. We seek your blessings.

A few resources:

Best wishes,
HemaVasu with Khushi Varshini.

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