Vivekananda SEVICA Kendra – Featuring Non-profit for May 2014

So here we go with our first post on featuring non-profits!

Vivekananda SEVICA Kendra is an organization based in Hyderabad and working to support visually impaired school going students. This is one of the hidden organization but doing an excellent work since 1993. Initiative has started by Shri. K Gnyaneshwar Rao, An employee at Census Department, Government of India. He started visiting Government School for the Blind located at Darulshifa, Hyderabad and teaching them small lessons, spiritual bhajans, recording books for them, helping them to find scribes. Currently VSK is working towards providing quality food to school going children, creating audio books, helping them prepare for examinations. They provide their services to School for the Blind boys in Hyderabad, Hindupur and Shri. Manik Prabhu Academy for the Blind, Raichur.

In addition, organization provides a laptop / netbook to deserving college going student with vision impairment every year.

They have an interesting model for raising donations for providing quality food to school going students. A donor can make a donation of just INR 365 (INR 1 per day) or INR 1100 as a family per year and this would enable them to provide quality food to about 600 students. One ca also make a donation towards purchase of laptops / netbooks and other assistive technologies.

To know more and contribute, please contact K Gnyaneshwara Rao on +91 98495 01299 or Send them an email.

We wish Vivekananda SEVICA Kendra all the best.





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