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Some movies are made with good intentions but unrealistic.

I generally like Telugu movies that have a story and an inspiring message. For a few years, there are movies that are produced with good intention and zeal to impact the society with positivity.

A couple of movies that I would like to discuss here that if implemented, world becomes the best.

Bharath ane nenu (Telugu)

This is a movie where, main character studies abroad and working, had to come down to India as his father dies. His father was a political leader and then Chief minister of the state. As usual, party folks decide to make this person the next Chief Minister of the state but they also want to control the decisions; assumes he is young and just follow what other leaders say. Instead, he makes his own decisions that makes the state a better place to live. He introduces huge penalties for traffic violations, he take measures to improve private schools. He creates a research wing with youth. He encourages villagers to make their own projects for the development of village and set aside a budget. He fights with a rowdy who has been troubling a village for a long and help youth of that area become a MLA. He was accused with a love affair and asked to resign. Then in the press he aggressively mentions what all can be done if one has power for eight months and used in right way. He questions the media why they are interested to question leaders who eat up all the public money and don’t work but shows interest on something which is not even true and doesn’t really matter to someone. Then he get to know the truth about how his father passed away and start fighting with politicians who have killed his father by adding extra drugs to his medicine. Towards the end he again becomes the Chief Minister.

Srimanthudu (Telugu)

In this movie, a son of an industrialist starts behaving ina different way than children of many rich people. He never shows interest to join his fathers business. He spend a lot of time with needy people, donate huge money to an employee who is working in their company for a long time. One days he gets invited to a board meeting but actually intent is to get him introduced to a girl of another rich family. He refuses her proposal and start making friendship with a girl from middle class family. She misunderstands him since she belongs to same village where his father spent his early days. He then goes to that village and start addressing issues of the village such as re-building school, making roads, and so on. Politicians in that area warn him and he fights with them. He fight against politicians who is in plans to takeover lands of poor people. Towards the end he kills all the bad politicians.

In both movies, intentions are good and movie makers want to show what is the power of youth and what is possible if someone wants to change the world. But what is not realistic is how a single person can fight with criminals who have history of killing several people. What if youth overreact to such movies and attempt to fight with such criminals in real? Intentions are good but instead of showing unrealistic fights, they should showcase how strategically and using power of the law, one can address the issues and make a positive impact in the country.

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