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Some sweet moments with our little one…

We have tons of sweet moments with our little darling Khushi Varshini! But here are some of them that we are sharing… more to come in next posts.

The moment she born, the way she was looking all around was just adorable!

She got into flight at her age of 20 days and had a comfortable nap!

We are so blissed that she has visited Shirdi within 1 month and 6 days of her birth.

The moment she hear a classical music may it be song or instrumental, she turn her face towards that immediately.

Although she is doesn’t go to new people, she gives them a beautiful smile…

She throws our basic featured phones quite often but she holds smart phones carefully πŸ™‚ For her, smart phone can sing songs…

When she was just about a year old, she started playing Ringa Ringa Roses with us.

She loves eating spicy food (ah, she is just 1.4 years!) When we visited our home town, she used to play with Japamala of our grand mother and since then, whatever round lengthy one she finds, she would want to put that around her neck.

In the recent past, we were putting washed cloths for dry and guess what she was giving us each cloth from the tub.

Yesterday Vasu was having dinner and she was asking him to feed Hema! Also when we give her water to drink or anything to eat, she offers the same back to both of us. What a lucky parents we are!

When she gets up in the morning, she takes us to computer room and we should play devotional songs for her and looks at god and greet with her tiny hands.

When we walk around our apartment, there is a Lord Ganapathy temple and as soon as we go towards the temple, she shows her hands towards temple, once we go there, she prays and takes Kumkum. Also, rings the bell at the temple entrance.

Soon we will post some pictures as well more happy moments!

Oh yes, the latest is that she talking indicating us anything that she wants with a single letter; for instance “ba” means ball!

Love you darling Varshi!

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