Varshi moments

Our darling Khushi Varshini turns 5!

Today our daughter turns 5. What an amazing memory when she was born and awesome memories continues. She has added joy to our lives. Every moment she does a new thing adds smile to us. Here are some memories we have put together. 

Dear Varshi, wishing you a very happy birthday! May God bless you and give you the best life ahead! Lots of love.

Updates Varshi moments

Recent memories of our sweetheart Varshi!

Now our darling started to speak little words and try to improve her words. Last week she took a ride on Metro rail in Bangalore and she thoroughly enjoyed. As she see an escalator, she would want to get down and stand on it. Greatly enjoyed her time at Cubban park. As Hema is carrying, it’s required that she takes a few medicine on daily basis and Varshi ensures she takes medicine on time. What’s more amazing is that she knew which medicine has to be taken in the morning and which is at night.

Varshi at Vasu's office

On 20th May, 2016, Varshi spent full day at Vasu’s office and enjoyed Kids at work. Thoroughly enjoyed the toy train and balloons. She has made a few new friends and done painting with them. Her day filled with a lot of activities including toy train, painting, sitting at several places across office, having hot chocolate, nice food etc.,Thank you Informatica.

Off late, Varshi wants to serve us dishes during our dinner. She holds spoon very carefully and serve effectively. She also prepares to light up lamp at the Puja room in the morning.

She has started her morning walk by joining Vasu to get milk. Fun part is that to join us to get milk, she gets up at around 6am. She continues to greet everyone with smile.

She has a small school bag (gifted by friends in Mumbai) and each day she acts as if she is going to school. She will start going to play school on 9th June, 2016.

She has a kitchen set and with that she acts as if she is preparing a lot of food, tea and serving us.

Now-a-days, she finishes her milk almost 80% and then she would want to add some tea to finish remaining.

More later.

Hema's Dairy Updates Varshi moments

Another blissful visit to Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry guru… this time with our Guruji

On 10th October, 2015 we had yet another blissful visit to Smt. and Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Pastry guru and this time our joy is doubled as we went with our Guruji Smt. and Shri. Rajasekhar Garu.

Some photos:
With Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu

We feel indeed fortunate to have blessings of Shri. Sastry guru and such visits remains memorable to us.

Gratitude Varshi moments

The fortunate day in our lives! Met a highly educated person – Brahma Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu

Brahmasri Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry Garu
Brahmasri Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry Garu

What could have been better than meeting 1000%+ respectable and educated person than us? Yes, on 19th May, 2015, we have met with the gift of Lord Saraswati, Brahma Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu at his residence. Being at the age of 90, he spoke to us with a great energy and a awesome smile.

It was about 5 years ago, when we read his writings in daily news papers and listen to his program Dharma Sandehalu (Wise Questions) on television which was then anchored by popular news reader Shri. Shanti Swaroop. It was then when I felt we should meet Shri. Sastry Ji someday; but under the impression he might be too busy and would not be willing to meet us. Moreover, we don’t have anything that we can discuss with him.

Recently our Guruji Shri. Rajasekhar garu gave us a book titled Pakalapati Guruvu Garu (Telugu) written by Sai master Shri. Ekkirala Bharadwaja garu, where Shri. Bharadwaja met with several auspicious people without worrying about struggles that comes in his way including staying under tree for a few nights etc.,

That inspired us to go and meet Shri. Sastry Ji. We didn’t know his address not couldn’t find his phone number over the internet. Found address from my uncle Shri. Ganti Marthanda Sharma garu as he visited him during his journalist life. So we decided to go and check our luck. We have reached by around 11 in the morning and learnt Shri. Sastry Ji is performing his daily Puja and that would go on till 1 pm. In general, it would be good to meet him post 4pm. So we came back and went again next day evening at 5 pm. Learnt that he just left for a SVBC recording and may come back by 8 pm. As advised by his family members, we have decided to go around and come back post 8 pm. Then we understand he got stuck in the traffic and may take some more time and they would call us as soon as he comes. At about 9pm we got a call saying Sastry Ji is arrived. We rushed to seek his blessings with a thought that he might just see us for a minute as he must have tired. For our pleasant surprise, in spite he travelled for about 50 kilometers and spent in his recordings at the age of 90, he received us with a big smile and spoke to us for nearly about 40 minutes. He inquired about my career, our daughter, our home towns. He remembers Hema;s home town (Tanuku) as he has some good friends there (very close to Hema’s parents house). He gave some cheer to our little one and said she will have a bright future.

We took his leave at about 9:45 and return home with all happiness.

We are really grateful to him and our Guruji. It was a memorable day in our lives.

Varshi moments

Some sweet moments with our little one…

We have tons of sweet moments with our little darling Khushi Varshini! But here are some of them that we are sharing… more to come in next posts.

The moment she born, the way she was looking all around was just adorable!

She got into flight at her age of 20 days and had a comfortable nap!

We are so blissed that she has visited Shirdi within 1 month and 6 days of her birth.

The moment she hear a classical music may it be song or instrumental, she turn her face towards that immediately.

Although she is doesn’t go to new people, she gives them a beautiful smile…

She throws our basic featured phones quite often but she holds smart phones carefully 🙂 For her, smart phone can sing songs…

When she was just about a year old, she started playing Ringa Ringa Roses with us.

She loves eating spicy food (ah, she is just 1.4 years!) When we visited our home town, she used to play with Japamala of our grand mother and since then, whatever round lengthy one she finds, she would want to put that around her neck.

In the recent past, we were putting washed cloths for dry and guess what she was giving us each cloth from the tub.

Yesterday Vasu was having dinner and she was asking him to feed Hema! Also when we give her water to drink or anything to eat, she offers the same back to both of us. What a lucky parents we are!

When she gets up in the morning, she takes us to computer room and we should play devotional songs for her and looks at god and greet with her tiny hands.

When we walk around our apartment, there is a Lord Ganapathy temple and as soon as we go towards the temple, she shows her hands towards temple, once we go there, she prays and takes Kumkum. Also, rings the bell at the temple entrance.

Soon we will post some pictures as well more happy moments!

Oh yes, the latest is that she talking indicating us anything that she wants with a single letter; for instance “ba” means ball!

Love you darling Varshi!