The fortunate day in our lives! Met a highly educated person – Brahma Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu

Brahmasri Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry Garu
Brahmasri Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry Garu

What could have been better than meeting 1000%+ respectable and educated person than us? Yes, on 19th May, 2015, we have met with the gift of Lord Saraswati, Brahma Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu at his residence. Being at the age of 90, he spoke to us with a great energy and a awesome smile.

It was about 5 years ago, when we read his writings in daily news papers and listen to his program Dharma Sandehalu (Wise Questions) on television which was then anchored by popular news reader Shri. Shanti Swaroop. It was then when I felt we should meet Shri. Sastry Ji someday; but under the impression he might be too busy and would not be willing to meet us. Moreover, we don’t have anything that we can discuss with him.

Recently our Guruji Shri. Rajasekhar garu gave us a book titled Pakalapati Guruvu Garu (Telugu) written by Sai master Shri. Ekkirala Bharadwaja garu, where Shri. Bharadwaja met with several auspicious people without worrying about struggles that comes in his way including staying under tree for a few nights etc.,

That inspired us to go and meet Shri. Sastry Ji. We didn’t know his address not couldn’t find his phone number over the internet. Found address from my uncle Shri. Ganti Marthanda Sharma garu as he visited him during his journalist life. So we decided to go and check our luck. We have reached by around 11 in the morning and learnt Shri. Sastry Ji is performing his daily Puja and that would go on till 1 pm. In general, it would be good to meet him post 4pm. So we came back and went again next day evening at 5 pm. Learnt that he just left for a SVBC recording and may come back by 8 pm. As advised by his family members, we have decided to go around and come back post 8 pm. Then we understand he got stuck in the traffic and may take some more time and they would call us as soon as he comes. At about 9pm we got a call saying Sastry Ji is arrived. We rushed to seek his blessings with a thought that he might just see us for a minute as he must have tired. For our pleasant surprise, in spite he travelled for about 50 kilometers and spent in his recordings at the age of 90, he received us with a big smile and spoke to us for nearly about 40 minutes. He inquired about my career, our daughter, our home towns. He remembers Hema;s home town (Tanuku) as he has some good friends there (very close to Hema’s parents house). He gave some cheer to our little one and said she will have a bright future.

We took his leave at about 9:45 and return home with all happiness.

We are really grateful to him and our Guruji. It was a memorable day in our lives.







34 responses to “The fortunate day in our lives! Met a highly educated person – Brahma Shri. Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu”

  1. vasundhara Avatar

    Hi Srinivasu Chakravarthula,
    it’s really nice to hear that you went and met such a great scholar of our times. Sharma ji(your uncle)says a lot about him. He used to put guruji’s preachings on Mahabharatha in the car whenever we travel. They are very nice and keep the audience spellbounded.

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      Totally agree! He is one of such rare personalities.

  2. Ballapuram Chandrakanth Avatar
    Ballapuram Chandrakanth

    Malladi Chandrasekhar garu really a walking Gnani. His teachings in Vishnu Sahasranamam discourse is extensive and limitless information on everything. Dear HemaVasu, you are very fortunate to meet such a great personality. If its okay for you, Could you please share the Malladi Chandrasekhar garu address to my mail Id

  3. Surendra Tipparaju Avatar
    Surendra Tipparaju

    Dear Sir, great to read your post and your meeting with great guruji. Can you please share his address on my email – will be ever greatful to you

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      Near Satyanarayana temple in Ashok nagar. Near Gandhi nagar. Sorry for delay.

      1. CHANDRAKANTH Avatar

        Thanks a lot!!

  4. PADMA Avatar

    I am planning to go to India coming in September. Please share me his home address and phone number if you have it with you. I am excited to see him and my email address is

  5. Chakravarthy G S Avatar

    nice to hear that you were able to meet such a gnani. You are lucky enough.
    Could you please share his contact number and address as we want to take his blessings along with my family. My sons one is is 11th class and the second one is in 8th class wanted to take his blessings.
    srinivas chakravarthy.G

  6. Satyanarayana Tennety Avatar
    Satyanarayana Tennety

    Dear Sir,
    Very nice to know about your visit to Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu.
    Can you help me with his address?
    My email id:
    My mobile : 7406155510

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      Hello Satyanarayana garu,
      Sorry for delayed response. He lives in Ashok nagar (gandhi nagar) near Sathyanarayana temple.

      1. aditya sarvasiddhy Avatar
        aditya sarvasiddhy

        Sir I am from Vizag great admirer of hindu philosophy.. please I also want to meet him asap please provide necessary details to please sir thank you ..if possible his phone number also

  7. Sai skanda bharadwaz Avatar
    Sai skanda bharadwaz

    Dear Sir,
    Very nice to know about your visit to Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry garu.
    Can you help me with his address?

  8. Sai skanda bharadwaz Avatar
    Sai skanda bharadwaz

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please share the address and contact no of guru garu

    Phone No : 9008675678

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      He lives near Sathyanarayana Temple at Ashok nagar, Hyderabad. Better to visit him post 4pm.

      1. Sai skanda bharadwaz Avatar
        Sai skanda bharadwaz

        Thank you very much sir

  9. jvsn murthy Avatar
    jvsn murthy

    can u pl help by providing address/guide to go and meet him and get experience like you.

  10. Annapurna Saripella Avatar
    Annapurna Saripella

    Hi. Am desperately looking for books by Sri Malladi garu. ESP Ramayanam lo Rahasyalu. Any idea where I can get them?

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      You should get it in most of the book stores specially those around temples. Else visit their house in Hyderabad Near Sathyanarayana temple, Gandhi nagar. After 4pm is the best time to visit.

      1. Annapurna Saripella Avatar
        Annapurna Saripella

        Thank You Hema. I live in Bangalore. But will take your advice. Thanks again,

  11. Annapurna Avatar

    Namaste, I am looking for all books written by Brahmasri malladi-chandrasekhara-sastry-garu, where can we purchase them? I am in NJ. Is there any local book stores in Hyderabad where can we purchase? Appreciate for help

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      Please check with Vishalandra Publishers. Thanks for writing in.

  12. Murthy Avatar

    Hi sir,

    Could you let me know the residential address of our Respectable Sri Malladi Chandrasekhar Garu.

    I would love to make a courtesy visit to him as I was listening his discourses available in you tube and impressed much and to me he is a living vyasa in our age.

    Please let me know sir and about me that I am a retired person in Tech Mahindra and spending time in listening of great discourses and piligrim visits. I am based in Hyderabad.

    Thank you and looking for a positive reply.

    891 974 2724

    1. HemaVasu Avatar

      It’s near Sathyanarayana swamy temple at Gandhi nagar.

      1. Tangirala Raghavendra Avatar
        Tangirala Raghavendra

        Hello Vasu garu,

        Please let me know the exact address.


  13. Hema latha bobbellapati Avatar
    Hema latha bobbellapati

    Sir cn u tell his address? Plz I evn dnt want to distub him just want to saw for 30 sec n come ….

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