Recent memories of our sweetheart Varshi!

Now our darling started to speak little words and try to improve her words. Last week she took a ride on Metro rail in Bangalore and she thoroughly enjoyed. As she see an escalator, she would want to get down and stand on it. Greatly enjoyed her time at Cubban park. As Hema is carrying, it’s required that she takes a few medicine on daily basis and Varshi ensures she takes medicine on time. What’s more amazing is that she knew which medicine has to be taken in the morning and which is at night.

Varshi at Vasu’s office

On 20th May, 2016, Varshi spent full day at Vasu’s office and enjoyed Kids at work. Thoroughly enjoyed the toy train and balloons. She has made a few new friends and done painting with them. Her day filled with a lot of activities including toy train, painting, sitting at several places across office, having hot chocolate, nice food etc.,Thank you Informatica.

Off late, Varshi wants to serve us dishes during our dinner. She holds spoon very carefully and serve effectively. She also prepares to light up lamp at the Puja room in the morning.

She has started her morning walk by joining Vasu to get milk. Fun part is that to join us to get milk, she gets up at around 6am. She continues to greet everyone with smile.

She has a small school bag (gifted by friends in Mumbai) and each day she acts as if she is going to school. She will start going to play school on 9th June, 2016.

She has a kitchen set and with that she acts as if she is preparing a lot of food, tea and serving us.

Now-a-days, she finishes her milk almost 80% and then she would want to add some tea to finish remaining.

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